The Turkish Chamber

I am a licensed art mediator of the State Art Collections and, if you are interested, I will be happy to show you the most exotic collection in Dresden, called the “Turkish Chamber” with Ottoman art from several centuries.

There are diplomatic gifts, own acquisitions and also some items of war booty.

The Saxon rulers’ interest in foreign cultures runs through the centuries. Whether it concerns the Egyptian, Indian, Chinese or Japanese, everything interested our rulers.

With the Ottomans, the horror and fear of their military strength and cruelty are mixed with the fascination of their subtle artistic achievements.

Our Augustus the Strong, in his capacity as King of Poland, was the “border neighbor” of the Ottoman Sultan. How is that possible ?

Come with me on an exotic tour, it lasts about an hour, and you will know a lot more.

Your admission ticket is also valid for the New Green Vault and the other rooms of the Residenzschloss.