Old Masters Picture Gallery

Augustus the Strong and his son, Augustus III., acquired paintings by Italian, Dutch and other European painters in the 18th century and formed one of the most exquisite collections in Europe, the Old Masters Picture Gallery.
You will get to know works by Rembrandt and Rubens, Botticelli and Tizian and of course Raphael’s “Sistine Madonna”, one of the most famous pictures in the world. We will see Dresden in the fascinating, detail-obsessed cityscapes of Canaletto and the most beautiful pastel in the world, Liotard´s “Chocolate Girl”.

Of course I will report what happened to the collection during and after World War II …

I recommend myself and my guided tour “Old Masters Picture Gallery” to those who don’t really know what to do with “old pictures”. You wouldn’t be my first guests who are surprised that there is so much interesting in the paintings …and even funny stories, you hardly believe it !

I will show you the main works as part of a guided tour lasting around 75 minutes.
But I can effortlessly report on all the secrets, curiosities, piquant details and art-historical connections during a much longer journey through art history. Such a more extensive tour can be discussed in advance and agreed upon if desired.

Whether a short or a longer tour, I can promise that it will never be boring …