Meißen is a three – star – town.

The first one stands for history, because this is where the cradle of today’s Saxony lies. The detailed city tour leads through the winding streets and lanes up the castle hill to this very place where the Albrechtsburg and the cathedral are today. There are also the most beautiful views of the tangle of roofs from there. And good food at surprisingly moderate prices.

The second star stands for tradition in this very small wine-growing region. By the way: not every winemaker is my favorite here, but that is precisely what is an advantage for my guests, who appreciate honest guidance. There is mediocrity and unexpectedly good quality next door …

The third star stands for “white gold”, because Europe’s first porcelain has been handcrafted here since 1710. A visit to the porcelain factory in my company will introduce you to the secrets of the invention (which, by the way, took place in Dresden), you will learn how the most important deposit for kaolin was discovered by chance, why the manufacture’s trademark cannot be used in Arab countries and much more.

The visit to the demonstration workshop takes place via room tone; I will introduce you to details of the museum.

This tour takes between four and six hours (including the tour from Dresden to Meißen and back). The return journey is possible via Moritzburg with a short stop at the famous hunting lodge, where “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella” was filmed (a legendary film, which is known in many countries of Europe).