Special “Zwinger” tour

Why should you book a special guided tour about the history of the Dresden Zwinger? Isn’t that included in every normal Dresden city tour?

Why is this building actually called “Zwinger” (in German “The kennel”) ? Why was it built? By whom and for whom?

There is usually a short explanation from the tour guide while “walking through”, but did you really get to know this unique building? What are its real secrets? Where is the best view of all Dresden towers and domes, where are the best photo opportunities?

The answer to this is provided by a special tour, which accompanies you from the initial idea of ​​an orangery to Europe’s most beautiful “open air theater” and stimulates your imagination. In your mind you are guests of the “wedding of the century” in 1719. Explanations of the festive culture and customs in 1719 let you look deeply; the sculptures “speak” to you at once.

Spending an hour with a single building? Of course, why not ? Are you curious?