From the left to the right bank of the Elbe

When you stand on the terrace “Brühlsche Terrasse”, and when you see the Elbe and its right bank and think you already know all the sights of Dresden’s old town, then you somehow get curious about this rather unknown quarter over there … You see a Golden Rider and a large Church from afar, on the bank there are also two very important ministerial buildings…. So off to the discovery!

Here, in the Inner Dresden Neustadt (new town), you actually find yourself in Old Dresden. Are you curious how it happens to be the old part of the city? I will guide you through the beautiful passages and backyards of the baroque quarter with hidden craft workshops, cafés and galleries (upon request also with a visit to a gallery, e.g. to well-known Holger John.) I will also show the successful efforts of restoration and building renovation in GDR times and after Germany´s reunification. And I will take you to excellent gastronomic places on this bank, which are not only focused on tourists.

By the way: The most beautiful view of the silhouette of the old town is of course not from the old town side, but from the shore at the Japanese Palace and the Hotel Bellevue with its park, where you can get to very special places …