Steamer Tour

I suggest an accompanied “Steamer Tour” on the Elbe river. In English, of course…

Why should you book an English speaking guide like me ? Why for a tour on a steam boat ?

Well, the world’s oldest river paddle steamer company owns nine old paddle steamers, almost all of which date from the 19th century. There is so much to be shown in the machinery… that’s why I’m here… A pleasant, leisurely trip on one of the old ships, or on one of two modern ships (“Countess Cosel” and “August the Strong”) with panorama decks, lets you forget everyday life and experience the famous silhouette of Dresden from a completely different perspective. There is so much to be shown ashore… A good reason for a Steamer Tour with an English speaking guide ! And if you want to get rid of me, turn down the volume of the receiver and enjoy the landscape ! But I’m sure you won’t turn down…

After passing the new bridge “Waldschlößchenbrücke”, we enter an unexpectedly green, beautiful world with vineyards and the three noble Elbe castles.

After one hour, our Steamer tour arrives the famous “Blue Wonder Bridge” (Blaues Wunder), and we return back to Dresden city center. In case we have chosen Pillnitz as our destination, the journey continues on the river, passing a rural area with villas, vineyards, old houses and inns. After a little less than two hours we finally reach Pillnitz, where we get to know the park and the summer residence of the Saxon kings. Time for a snack or lunch… We can return by the next steam boat or by ferry “Schlossfähre” and tram directly to the city center.

I offer you audio technology (just as on my guided tours by public transport),  so that you can get all the important information about the route. Choose a seat near me or somewhere else on the ship and listen to my explanations (and I can really tell you interesting stories all the time), but there is also time enough to enjoy the city and river landscape ….

Listening to a prefabricated text over the on-board loudspeakers is one thing, but it simply cannot replace a lively and expert accompaniment.

So see you on deck ? English spoken on our Steamer Tour !

With pleasure !